How do I book a lap infant on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines offers Infant fares for children under two years of age that allow you to reserve a seat for your little traveler to fly safely in his/her approved CRS. Infant fares are not available for purchase on Please contact a Customer Representative at 1 (800) 435-9792 for more information.

How do I add an infant to a Southwest flight?

Accompanied children ages two through 11 may purchase the applicable Child Fare for the flight (does not apply to unaccompanied children ages five through 11). Please contact us via phone at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) to confirm if a child fare is available for a specific flight.

Can you add an infant to a flight after booking?

Hence even when you already have the baby with you, you have to call their reservation office after you have completed the online booking for the adult tickets, regardless of whether it had occured to you to book the adult tickets without the infrant one.

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How do I book a flight with an infant?

Seating options for infants:

  1. Held by an adult (lap child): A parent or any person 16 years or older may hold the infant in their lap. The infant must be included in the reservation by calling American Airlines reservations. …
  2. In a reserved seat: If your infant will travel in their own seat, you must buy a ticket.

Are southwest infant fares cheaper?

The infant fare is CHEAPER than an adult Anytime fare. And is REFUNDABLE, unlike a Wanna Get Away fare. The Wanna Get Away fare is already a discounted fare and has restrictions. Infant fares are similar to Senior Fares: a discount off the Anytime Fare.

Should I tell Southwest about my lap infant?

Infant fares are not available for purchase on … Although not recommended, if your child is under the age of two and you would prefer to hold him or her on your lap when traveling, you may do so on Southwest Airlines without charge and we’ll be glad to check your CRS for use at your destination.

Does diaper bag count as carry on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines infant/children cabin baggage allowance: … The diaper bag is allowable and does not count towards your carry-on baggage. You can bring in a car seat and a stroller free of charge.

Does a diaper bag count as a carry on?

If you’re traveling with an infant or child, you can bring the following items on board in addition to your carry-on bag and personal item: Diaper bag.

Do you pay for an infant on a flight?

Lap babies (younger than age 2) fly free on domestic flights, usually one per paying adult. (You may need to present proof of age.) … Your airline might allow you to bring your car seat on board if the flight isn’t full, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get an extra seat if you haven’t bought a ticket for your child.

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Do you need ID for an infant when flying?

While children don’t need an ID for TSA, to fly as a lap infant and document to the airline that they are indeed under 2 years old, you need to be prepared. If you actually purchased a seat for your child, no identification is required since you don’t need to prove they are under 2.

Where should I sit on a plane with a baby?

Ene suggests you book toward the back of the plane, since it’s generally closer to the bathroom and empty seats are more common there. (On the flip side, sitting up front requires less schlepping through narrow aisles.) If you plan to nurse, book a window seat so you’ll have a bit more privacy.

At what age can baby fly?

When is it safe to travel with a newborn baby by plane? In general, doctors recommend you wait to fly until your baby’s immune system is better developed. This could be as soon as one month for full-term infants, though most doctors recommend anywhere between three months and six months.

How much is an infant fare on Southwest?

First, infants under 2 years can fly free on Southwest–but only with proof. As with other U.S.-based airlines, children under 2 years may fly free on domestic flights, but you must be prepared to show proof of your child’s age.

Can a child under 2 occupy an airplane seat?

Infant Air Travel. … At Delta Air Lines, infants and children under 2 years old can travel on the lap of an adult for free (domestically) or purchase a ticket and use their own seat on the aircraft in an FAA-approved child safety seat or CARES harness on most flights.

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Does a lap child get a checked bag Southwest?

Lap children don’t get any checked baggage allowance, except for the car seat and stroller as you’ve mentioned. Each adult gets two free checked bags, additional bags are $75 each.

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