Do Guppy Eat Their Babies?

Females give live birth frequently, to well-developed offspring.

The only hitch in guppy breeding is that guppies, like most fish, have no reservations about eating their young.

Do all guppies eat their babies?

When it comes to fancy guppies, it is not terribly uncommon to find a female that actually does eat her babies- all of them- just seconds after they are born. Female guppies that eat their babies have a genetic defect.

Do male guppies eat their babies?

After giving birth to their offspring, guppy fish will not exhibit any parental care and if left in the same aquarium with the fry, they will mistake them for food and eat them. It’s a puzzling behavior that has long preoccupied researches.

Is it OK to let guppies eat their fry?

However if you are keeping guppies for fun, feeding the fry once a day is enough. Guppy fry will accept any food that their adult parents will eat. When you feed them, make sure you crush up the food, so it can fit in their mouth.

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Do baby fish eat each other?

Many species of fish will actually eat their own young and even if the parents do not, other fish in the tank might. Feed your baby fish a few drops of infusoria, a liquid fry food, from an eyedropper several times a day after they have just hatched. Infusoria is small enough that your baby fish will be able to eat it.

Why do my guppies die after giving birth?

There are many reasons why your guppy fish may die just after giving birth, some of which are pre-existing conditions (e.g. an illness), some are related to complications that arise during labor (e.g. fry getting stuck in the birth canal), while others have to do with inadequate keeping conditions.

Do guppies poop before giving birth?

If you are keeping female and male guppies together, most likely female guppies are pregnant, unless they are infertile. During pregnancy, female guppies will develop a big rounded belly. Their gravid spot, which is above their anal fin, will become darker and bigger.

How can you tell a male guppy from a female guppy?

Check the shape of the guppy’s tail fin.

The guppy’s tail fin, or the caudal, can help you determine the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are often brightly colored, with elaborate patterns. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the males.

How long do baby guppies take to grow?

about 6 months

How long do male guppies live?

A disease-free guppy can live anywhere between 2 to 5 years. A number of factors may contribute to a guppy living beyond two years. Not having guppies of opposite sex in the same tank is the most important one. It is seen that reproducing reduces the life span of not only female but also male guppies.

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How do I keep my guppy fry alive?

It’s also important to keep the tank light on for 8-12 hours each day so the guppies’ spines will grow properly. Feed the fry every 2-3 hours for the first 6 weeks, then decrease the feedings to every 4-5 hours. Give them a mixture of high quality dry food and fresh food like brine shrimp.

How many times can a guppy give birth?

Number of Offspring

Once a female guppy is 2 or 3 months old, she tends to start giving birth. A female guppy under optimal conditions can give birth every 30 days — and each batch of fry can range from 20 to 50 baby guppies.

How many guppy fry are born?

One of the first questions people usually ask is, “How do guppies have babies?” When a guppy gives birth, the females will “drop” 2 to 200 baby guppies, called fry, typically in four to six hours. If she is stressed, however, the process to give birth to all the fry can take up to 12 hours.

How long do baby fish need to be separated?

Keep them separate until they are sizeable enough not to be able to fit them in any of the adult fishes mouths. Looking at some of the growth rates of some fry that i read about this may be 4-5 weeks at least.

How do you take care of baby fish?

Feed the fry.

Baby platy fish do not require different food from adults. You can feed them the same pellets or flakes that you feed the adults, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms and tubifex, and brine shrimp. Feed the fish small amounts several times a day, about as much food as they can eat in three minutes.

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How fast do baby fish grow?

approximately 4 to 6 weeks

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