What did the child feel when he was lost answer?

Explanation: At first he himself thought he was lacking freedom but when he lost he realized that parents are most important than the freedom . Before he was lost he badly wanted the things but after he wandered or lost he realized the value of parents.

What did the child feel when he has lost answer?

Ans: On realising that he had lost his parents, the child got confused. He panicked when he could not spot his parents in the large crowd of people around him. He ran all over looking for them. Feeling lonely and afraid, he cried inconsolably.

What did child Realise when he was lost?

Answer: When he wishes to get a ride on the roundabout and calls for his parents he gets no reply. Then the child realizes that he is lost and separated from his parents. … At last he goes to the shrine, in the hope of finding his parents there.

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How did the lost child feel after losing his parents?

Answer: When child lost his parents his all desires like sweets, toys, rides were vanished and he just wanted his parents. A stranger tried to comfort him but the child was continuously crying.

When did the child know he was lost?

The child came to know that he was lost when he turned around to ask his parents for a ride on a roundabout. They were nowhere to be found. He began crying and ran here and there looking for them. He began to sneak under people’s legs near the temple.

Why does the lost child lose interest?

Answer: The lost child loses interest in the things he had wanted earlier because he got lost in the fair. He is panic-stricken for being lost. Now he frist wants his parents.

How do you know that the lost child was a nature lover?

Answer : We can know that the ‘lost child’ was a nature-lover because he was initially fascinated (attracted) by the flowering mustard-field, the dragonflies, little insects and worms, bees and butterflies on the way to the fair. … In the story, the child was a lover of the nature.

How did the man try to soothe the lost child?

Answer: The man tried every possible way to soothe the child. He took him to a roundabout swing then offer a horse ride , tried to make him listen to the snake charmer’s song and offered him a balloon, as he thought that this would distract mind, but in vain. He offered him flowers and sweets, but thechild kept crying.

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How did the generous man try to come down the child?

showing him different toys. talking to him and diverting his attention. The kind man saw that the child was lost and was crying loudly in an attempt to see his parents. …

Why does he Realise that he has lost his way?

3. When does he realise that he has lost his way? How have his anxiety and insecurity been described? Ans-: He realises that he has lost his way when on reaching the roundabout; he stopped to observe it moving in full swing, with men, women and children enjoying themselves on it.

What did the child speak repeatedly after losing his parents?

Answer: The child panicked when he realized that he had lost his parents. He was puzzled, angry, and desperate. He cried and shouted for his parents.

Why did the child hesitate in asking from his parents?

The child hesitates to ask for anything from his parents as he was well aware of his parents ‘old, cold stare of refusal. ‘ He knew that his father would scold him and stare him red-eyed which reflects clear refusal.

Why did the child go to the snake charmer Why did he not stay there?

Answer: In the fair, the child noticed a snake charmer. He was playing the flute in front of the snake. The music of flute greatly influenced the child. But he did not stay for long near the snake charmer because he knew that his parents would not allow him to hear the music as it was coarse music for his parents.

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What did the child do when he didn’t find his parents with him?

Here is your answer: When the child was unable to spot his parents, he started crying by calling ‘Father, Mother’ and ran here and there in all directions.

At what point in the fair did the child lost?

Explanation: The Lost Child is the story of a small child who gets lost in a fair. He had gone with his parents to the fair but loses them when he gets engrossed in looking at a roundabout swing.

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