Your question: What should I do if my baby scratched his eye?

Rinse your child’s eye with clean water or a saline solution, or use an eye-rinse station if one is available. Rinsing the eye will help to wash away whatever is irritating the eye. Instruct your child to blink several times or pull the upper eyelid over the lower one.

Can a scratched eye heal on its own?

A minor scratch should heal on its own in 1 to 3 days. More severe abrasions may take longer. While your eye heals: Don’t rub your eye.

What happens if a baby scratches their eye?

It’s extremely important that no one touch the injured eye until you get your child to the doctor. If any part of the eye is torn, rubbing can cause vitreous fluid – the colorless jelly that fills the eyeball – to leak out, which can result in permanent damage.

How do you soothe a scratched eye?

How to Treat a Scratched Eye

  1. DO rinse your eye with saline solution or clean water. …
  2. DO blink. …
  3. DO pull your upper eyelid over your lower eyelid. …
  4. DO wear sunglasses. …
  5. DON’T rub your eye. …
  6. DON’T touch your eye with anything. …
  7. DON’T wear your contact lenses. …
  8. DON’T use redness-relieving eye drops.
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How do I know if my toddler’s eye is scratched?

What are the symptoms of a corneal abrasion in a child?

  1. Pain and redness in the eye.
  2. Tearing of the eye.
  3. Pain when your child looks at a light.
  4. Much blinking in the affected eye.
  5. Holding the eye shut. A younger child may be more likely to do this.

Is a scratched eye an emergency?

Seek emergency care if:

There is pain, change in vision, or increased sensitivity to light after a scratch or trauma to the eyeball.

Do I need to see a doctor for a scratched eye?

If you know something has scratched your eye, it’s very important to see your eye doctor or an emergency room/urgent care center to seek treatment for your eye injury. Scratches also can make your eye susceptible to infection from bacteria or a fungus.

When should I take my child to the doctor for an eye injury?

Because a particle can scratch the cornea and cause an infection, the eye should be examined by a doctor if irritation continues after flushing. A foreign body that remains after flushing probably will require removal by a trained medical professional.

Can you flush a baby’s eye?

Flush the eye with water as soon as possible: Tilt your child’s head over a basin or sink with the injured eye pointed down. Gently pull down the lower lid. Gently pour a steady stream of lukewarm water over the eye.

What does a scratched eye feel like?

Scratched cornea symptoms might include significant discomfort, red eyes, tearing, blurry vision and sensitivity to light. Anything that makes contact with the surface of the eye can cause a corneal abrasion.

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Will ice help a scratched eye?

A cold pack may be applied over the eye (or eye patch) for 20 minutes at a time, to reduce pain. To make a cold pack, put ice cubes in a plastic bag that seals at the top. Wrap the bag in a clean, thin towel or cloth. You may use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to control pain, unless another pain medicine was prescribed.

What indicates an eye injury is serious?

Look out for the following after an eye injury:

Irregular pupil dilation or shape. Blood in the eye. Tears and cuts in the eyelid. Slow eyeball movement in one or both eyes Debris that is caught and cannot be removed.

How long does it take an eye abrasion to heal?

Most corneal abrasions heal in 24 to 72 hours and rarely progress to corneal erosion or infection. Although eye patching traditionally has been recommended in the treatment of corneal abrasions, multiple well-designed studies show that patching does not help and may hinder healing.

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